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Health Care Burnout

AONL's 2023 Annual Conference
Health Care Burnout

AONL’s 2023 Annual Conference Puts a Focus on Resilience

The American Organization for Nursing Leadership’s (AONL) Annual Conference was packed with sessions on a variety of topics including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), workflow optimization, virtual care models, and one topic that came up repeatedly: resilience.   In a session titled, “The Well-Being Coaching Program: Empowering Nurses to Engage”, the presenters explained how they addressed burnout and improved well-being at their organization. Nursing is a demanding and often stressful occupation, and it can be mentally and emotionally challenging. At Atrium Health they launched a program to help nurses engage in self-care and self-compassion through their “CPR” program which focuses…
Health Care Burnout

Surviving Burnout in Health Care

Burnout remains a crucial priority for health systems as it continues to be a significant issue impacting employees and patients alike. Several environmental factors contribute to health care burnout such as long working hours, inadequate support, heavy workloads, administrative tasks, and a lack of social support. Burnout is causing higher rates of absenteeism and turnover, which is bad news for an industry that’s already dealing with staffing shortages. In a recent survey, hospital executives identified "workforce challenges" as their top concern. The National Academy of Medicine found that burnout had reached crisis levels in the United States, with 35-54% of…
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March 21, 2023